MTT 192 / One Would Think

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MTT192 Spectrogram

~90 BPM ambient, electro, IDM, industrial. "Electronic Music", nonspecific. An end-of-October selection.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Dead TV Society & Zwart Licht Kommando / Nucleosynthesis 00:00
  2. Seele Ohne Ziel / Track 1 (SOZ I) 05:10
  3. Andrea Parker / After Dark 13:35
  4. Scorn / Dreamspace 18:34
  5. Poison Arrow / Casa Show 22:29
  6. The Jaffa Kid / CAAT 26:55
  7. Poperttelli / Ecoline 29:14
  8. Shadowbunny / Lost 32:55
  9. Hadamard / The Moral Core 37:12
  10. Automat / Purification 40:55
  11. Anthony Rother / 65 Millionen Jahre 45:31
  12. Noise Unit / Dry Lungs 48:42
  13. Novamen / Sloom 52:01
  14. Autechre / Lowride 54:29
  15. The Darkvoid Project / Taking Me Apart 58:17

Three more tracks from Brokntoys: #6 CAAT by The Jaffa Kid, #7 Ecoline by Poperttelli, and #10 Purification by Automat. Automat's The Invisible is particularly good, but really everything on Brokntoys is terrific. I lean on their catalog every October for this mix series, for shows at Ground Kontrol, for listening in general.

Three from Noxgenus: #1 Nucleosynthesis by Dead TV Society & Zwart Licht Kommando, #2 Track 1 (SOZ I) by Seele Ohne Ziel, and #15 Taking Me Apart by The Darkvoid Project. While looking up download/purchase links for tracks this week I found that Noxgenus have moved their catalog over to bandcamp. They now have a gigantic compilation of all their works available at a very reasonable price; if you can handle a ~350 track download then that seems like a good way to get into the label.

Poison Arrow's Casa Show stands out to me on a second listen, that's a wonderfully menacing song. It has a pretty haunting and intense video too. It's from their If You Don't Love Me (I'll Cut Your Face) EP; I played the title track from that on this program a couple years ago. Coming back to it now I like Casa Show more.

I love all these tracks though, of course. I hope nobody minds the somewhat loose mix between track 2 and 3, that one got away from me a little bit. Anyway, I'll be back with another upload next week on Thursday, as usual. It feels like a good time to do another ~133 space electro set.


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