MTT 111 / Resurface

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MTT111 Spectrogram

Going for something a bit more fun this week. Brightening up to match the season. Selection is the usual electro, IDM, and techno, all at about 120 BPM.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Behind Clouds / Solitude Of Silence 00:00
  2. Miotek / Data 010 02:23
  3. Industrial Bass Machine / Artificial Intelligence 1991 06:22
  4. Sbles3plex / Mathematic Universe 09:20
  5. Paul Blackford / Hydro Glide (Ali3ns3xtoy Remix) 13:48
  6. Drexciya / Song Of The Green Whale 18:29
  7. Reedale Rise / Keep Sleeping 22:31
  8. A Guy Called Gerald / People Moover 25:16
  9. Zwart Licht Kommando / Tube 28 27:05
  10. Mikron / Black Sands 30:28
  11. Transparent Sound & Scape One & Karoshi / Solid Grooves 35:56
  12. Two Sandwiches Short Of A Lunchbox / Too Good To Be Strange 39:28
  13. Tura / Reishi 41:42
  14. Bobby BBQ / Hot Milk 46:59
  15. Yage / Coda Coma 51:18
  16. Mikron / Ask Me 54:52

Planning for this mix started with Drexciya's Song Of The Green Whale. It's a tune that reminds me of spring; it always makes me happy. The rest of the mix is a combination of songs to go with Green Whale and bits I've been listening to recently.

Bobby BBQ's Hot Milk LP is something I found only a few days ago, while going through the Future City Records catalog. It's a fun album, sounds to me more vaporwave than FCR's usual retrowave style. And it sits nicely with Plaid and FSOL, I think.

I'm not sure what I'll play next; maybe something fast again.


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